The #1 Finishing School for Wives



Do you want to be a Stepford wife without losing yourself, playing dumb, and having no personality?

Have you ever wished you knew how to prepare to be a wife?

Are you a modern woman with vintage family values?

Are you a homemaker struggling to create a home that you and your family are proud of?


Well, welcome to Stepford University, darling!


Stepford University is the premiere finishing school for wives. Here, we teach women of all ages and backgrounds to gracefully and boldly enter relationships and marriage in the 21st Century.

Since her inception in 2010, Stepford U. has trained countless women from all walks of life to prepare for and/or refresh their understanding and command of marriage and family life.  At Stepford University, we believe in providing mentorship, compassionate support, and gentle guidance to modern women seeking healthy and happy relationships and marriages.

This site is the official online portal through which apprentices, and potentials can learn the art and practice of the womanly arts. The ideals and opinions expressed here are uniquely our own, thus, we do not judge others’, in return we respectfully ask for the same.

Stepford University is not part of any fetish community, though we have a great appreciation for submissiveness within the boundaries of marriage.

(Note: In no way does Stepford University encourage or promote abuse or harm of any living being).


❤ surrendered womanhood

❤ mutual love and respect

❤ femininity and gentle womanliness

❤ impeccable grooming and comportment

❤ healthy sexuality and intimate wellness

❤ sensual awareness and understanding

❤ intellectual curiosity

❤ emotional intelligence

❤ mutual love and fidelity

❤ vintage family values


Stepford University seeks to train, educate, and empower women through the tenets of the womanly arts,  in order to prepare a generation of women to become exceptional wives and mothers.


“Good wives are born, exceptional wives are made.”


To prepare modern women to embrace femininity and womanhood in order to return to traditional marital and family values.



who we ARE:

  • committed to helping prepare modern women for happy and healthy marriages
  • dedicated to providing women of ALL backgrounds with the tools necessary to efficiently manage their marriages, households, and families with grace and poise
  • young, savvy, happily married women who want to help other women prepare for and/or polish their crowns and reclaim their femininity
  • advocates of loving, healthy, traditional marriages based upon mutual love and respect
  • Feminine, not feminist


who we are NOT:

  • supporters of anti-male feminist ideologies or anti-woman ideologies
  • a fetish group or community
  • promoters of abusive relationships or the degradation and maltreatment of men, women, children, or animals
  • encouragers of disordered/mentally ill behaviors or co-dependency- we are firm supporters of seeking help and guidance when needed! ❤


Again, welcome to Stepford University,  where exceptional wives are made!


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P.S. Hello Lovely! We are in the midst of a major makeover, so please pardon us during this transition! Please feel free to contact me directly at in the meantime.