How to Become the Kept Woman Next Door (Part I): Mentorship

Stepford Hair

From Palm Springs to Paris, Dublin to Dubai–2015 was an AMAZING year! I am so grateful to live a life that I love, I know I would not be here without the fabulous women who mentored and coached me along the way. I am living proof that it CAN be done, and in style!

Notre Dame
Holiday visit to Notre Dame, June 2015

As a courtesan coach, I am committed to sharing the wealth with all of the aspiring SAHW, Stepford courtesans, kept women, trophy wives, boss ladies, and sugars out there.   Many of you reach out and ask me how I was able to meet and marry a kind, generous man who supports me in every way.  Believe it or not, it began with my friendships and relationships with other women.  If it were not for the mentors, confidants, and support systems I built along the way, I would have probably had a much different experience in terms of attracting my mate.

If you are ready to take yourself to higher heights in 2016 do not hesitate to get in contact to learn more about the coaching services I offer.  As an end-of-2015 gift to all of my lovelies, I put together these tips to help you begin to move toward your New Year’s goals.

Here are 9 Tips to Having it ALL:


1. Realize that things will happen, therefore you MUST always have a plan.Don’t just have a plan B, honeys, have plans B-Z.   You never know when life will hand you a barrel of lemons, so its great to know how to make lemonade.  Make the most of things in advance by developing and maintaining various support systems, avenues of income, and social networks.  And whatever you do, don’t give up.


2. Seek out mentors in ALL areas of your life: financial, spiritual, emotional, relationship, academic, etc. Every successful person has this in common. They consistently tapped into the human resources available to them.  Don’t be afraid to approach other successful people to inquire about their secrets to success.  Many people are eager to share their journey and to give positive feedback and advice.



3. Cut off, and cut out EVERY negative person, place, thing, or idea that comes your way. Don’t give emotional vampires the time of day! Who gives a flying flip about what some nay-saying other has to say about your personal goals? Remember darlings, those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.


do not settle

4. Do not settle, EVER. Don’t accept anything less than EXACTLY what you are seeking, desiring, hoping, wishing, believing, manifesting. If you hold out long enough, the space that it being reserved will be filled. In order to attract something, you must make room for its arrival.



5. Invest in your best life NOW. Begin to invest in quality over quantity, even if it costs you in the short term (i.e. no coffee, no clubbing, no overpriced designer gear). Save up for the things you desire later, rather than renting a lifestyle now–being generous with yourself is how you will attract genuinely generous people to you. Don’t be the nuveau riche girl wearing head to toe labels. Instead, connect with a style mentor who can help you to refine your image.


know thyself

6. Know YOURSELF. For each hour you spend researching wealthy men, sugaring tips, and this lifestyle, spend two more learning yourself. A woman who knows herself inside and out cannot be taken lightly, manipulated, or easily taken advantage of–give them a run for their money by being intelligent, elegant, articulate, and refined. THIS is how you attract elegant, refined, wealthy gentleman.


ask for help

7. Ask for help! If you don’t know something, do not be afraid to ask others to help you in a respectful manner. Be prepared to reciprocate and be there for them in return. Nothing in life is ‘free’, honeys. NOTHING. We all have to pay to play, and the greatest investment tends to yield the highest return.



8. Master the art of MYSTERY. Swans, stop putting your whole life on social media! I cannot say this enough. I was on the scene right before social media blew up, thank goodness. So, I never got caught in the temptation to advertise my whole life online. This proved a saving grace, because the affluent men I befriended appreciated my coyness, discretion, and mysteriousness. This reassured them that they too could trust me to be part of their lives in a mutually beneficial way.



9. Have gratitude. This life is by far not an easy one. I do live well, but it comes at a cost to both my Mr. and me. However, regardless of what does or does not happen, I remain grateful to have been fortunate to marry well. Learn to appreciate the little things, so that when the bigger and better things come your way, you have the wherewithal to recognize them. You may not always be young, thin, “hot”, and en vogue–so, learn to appreciate what else, makes you YOU?


Chianti, Italy
Wine tasting in Chiati, Italy, June 2015

Whether you are seeking mentorship for your relationship, career, or life goals,  I am here to help! As a qualified mental health professional and certified life transformation and relationship coach, I specialize in RESULTS.

Success is in the hands of those who are consistently persistent. Don’t let 2015′s circumstances and setbacks carry you any further off track. Success, prosperity, health, and happiness are YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. Don’t stop until you get it ALL, honeys. GET.IT.ALL.

In the coming year, be the sensual, intelligent, savvy courtesan you truly are! Love you bunches.


Mrs. S Signature


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