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Hello, Dear Swans,

Thank you for stopping by! Let me begin by sharing a little bit about myself: I believe in the power of embracing femininity in order to empower, enliven, and enrich women’s lives. In the last few years, countless young women have confided in me expressing concern about their abilities to attract and maintain relationships with emotionally available, financially stable, quality mates. An equally pressing concern is the fact that many (myself included) were never taught the art of womanliness, the rite of passage into marriage, and/or how to smoothly manage their romantic lives, households, and families.

Stepford University began as a dream, and is now a living, breathing reality.  As a young woman, I was educated in the finest of schools, and even taught how to properly interview for my dream career – but my social education was lacking. My mother(s), aunts, and grandmothers never explained to me the dance of dating young men, or the delicate balance between womanly strength and overbearing independence; I headed blindly into relationship after relationship making the same mistakes until I hit a wall.

After nearly 10 years of unsuccessful dating and a series of heartbreaks, I took matters into my own hands and read everything I could. I attended workshops, seminars, classes, and even received coaching from leading relationship experts and therapists. After 2 years of apprenticeship, I finally began implementing the lessons I’d learned while cultivating new friendships with eligible young men. Within a year, I was engaged  (to my now husband), with a solid wedding date in place.  But within 6 months of marriage, I was drowning in sorrow again. The man I married was not who I thought he was, and my heart was crushed. No one ever told me what to do when disillusionment set in. What was I to do?

Regardless, I promised myself not to become stressed and desperate to feel loved and accepted- instead, I dug deep to rediscover my confidence, competence, and security in my womanhood and femininity.  I realized that this new found security would not (and could not) come from having a man, however, it was refined by my relationship with one. Only this time around, I knew how to keep him interested: through a careful balance between all of the different facets of me, a lady, a chef, and a courtesan.  Soon, other young women began approaching me to learn about my transformation. I found myself teaching them the very lessons I’d learned years before.

Over time, as a married woman, I have learned many difficult lessons about myself, my husband, and married life in general. In the midst of all of these changes, one thing has remained the same: being a newlywed is one of the most challenging times in a person’s life. Few women are aptly prepared for life before, during, or after dating, let alone marriage. As a coach, it is my goal to work with women in each stage of their romantic lives in order to help them to aptly prepare themselves to receive the desires of their hearts.

Stepford University is a unique learning environment where women of all ages can safely engage in communal learning about the nuances of family/relationships, femininity, sensuality and sexuality- while also learning time-honored methods of effective self, household, family, and relationship management. Stepford University is the result of a vision held by countless women around the world who desire intimate, loving, traditional marriages with strong, caring, family men.  Welcome to our sisterhood, where great wives are made!


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To learn more, contact me at: info@stepforduniversity.org