Courtesan Training Program

The Courtesan Training Program was designed for single women seeking long-term relationships who desire a practical education in the nuances of femininity, womanhood, and the art of attracting and maintaining happy and healthy relationships with eligible men.

NOTE: Here at Stepford University, we define a courtesan as a woman who is skilled in her ability to attract relationships with emotionally available, kindhearted, and caring men with the potential to develop and grow.


Womanly Arts Program

The Womanly Arts Program caters to marriage-minded and/or engaged women who seek to gain a practical education about the inner workings of marriage, home-making, and family life prior to their big day. This program can be tailored to each apprentice’s needs and is an excellent opportunity to cover otherwise delicate topics needing clarification such as sex, money management, in-laws, and interpersonal interactions with their future spouse.


Finishing School for Wives

The Finishing School for Wives is specifically designed for married women seeking to master the art of being queens of their domains and exceptional wives.  The program can be tailored to fit each student’s needs, specifically those relating to confidence, comportment, and maintaining their relationships with their spouses.


Semi-Annual Courtesan Coaching Retreat

Stay tuned for more details about this exciting opportunity!


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